Creative is a one page Bootstrap theme for creatives, small businesses, and other multipurpose use. A modern, flat design style works in unison with rich features and plugins making this theme a great boilerplate for your next Bootstrap based project!
  • A modern, flat design layout
  • UX friendly navigation with an on scroll style change
  • Custom SASS compiled alongside Bootstrap for deeper customization options
  • Source files available on GitHub with npm based development environment with watch scripts to allow for seamless custom development
  • Intuitive HTML markup with easy to customize content sections
  • Responsive, full page header featuring a background image with overlay and vertically centered content
  • Fully functional portfolio image grid with hover captions and a working lightbox gallery

التقيم والمراجعات


لا يوجد مراجعات

إلى التقيم

إلى التعليق

قالب بوتستراب للشركات الإبداعية

السعر :


  • تم فحصه من قبل ديجت سوق
  • خالي تماماً من المشاكل
  • لم يتم العثور على ملفات ضارة داخل الملف